We remake worn or unusable parts so as to make these marvellous machines work again

Reconstruction of all types of antique watches and mechanisms that have missing or broken parts, while respecting the guidelines and criteria with which they are constructed so that they work perfectly and are fully restored.

Manufacture of all types of micromechanical parts and replacement parts.

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Pocket Watches

The mechanical complexity of the repairs thrills El Cronometrista

These little marvels require particularly sensitive repairs, as they have avery definite style depending on when they were made and this style must always be respected for proper restoration.

The mechanical complexity of many of these watches, like repeaters, perpetual calendars, etc., gives me a thrill.

El Cronometrista is a specialist in chronometer escapements, such as Duplex, Virgule, Cylinder, Swiss lever, unusual escapements and other rarities.

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Singing Bird Boxes

From replacing the feathers or the leather or valves of bellows, to making any defective part.

Singing bird boxes, pocket watches and chronometers are my speciality and I have devoted by working life and career to them. Feeling the satisfaction of making a high-quality machine work perfectly again after being damaged or broken is my reward and a stimulus to tackle new, complex reconstruction projects.

I have never been scared by mechanical complexity; instead, I am fascinated by discovering new complexities and solutions for what was made with much less advanced technology and I ask myself how the great masters would do it today.

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Rueda dentada micro-mecanica

Specialist in all types of micromechanisms

We review, repair and restore micromechanical items of any type: wrist watches, pocket watches, automatons, music boxes, barometers, toys, etc.

This is our world; the challenges of the difficult tasks are the thrill of this wonderful job.

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Evaluations and Expert Opinions

We will value your collection, conserve it and restore it to perfect condition with complete discretion and professionalism, for sale or for your enjoyment.

Antonio J. Sandoval está is a certified legal expert specializing in watches and automatons..

Real evaluations of collections are made based on the criteria of quality, complication, state of preservation and rarity.

These complicated, delicate mechanisms are very special: from Rochat and Bruguier to Griesbaun and Phalibois.

We have the special leathers for bellows, iridescent feathers for restoring automatons, and vast experience of these mechanisms and their restoration.
We provides top-quality solutions to the challenges of replacing the plumage or the leather and valves of the bellows, and we manufacture any damaged part from scratch.

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El Cronometrista
Works this way

Precision repairs with excellent results.

Repairing a French Royal Exchange, a grand complication watch – Antonio Sandoval, El Cronometrista

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